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    in the plugin settings I’ve listed all third-party domains and opt-out links, however they don’t show up in Privacy Preferences Center.

    I’m using version 2.0.2, on version 1.4.7 it was working fine.


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  • Same exact issue… otherwise i like the update.

    I came up with a fix which is not ideal but it worked for me. I actually posted my query against the wrong plugin, early hours too tired deadline day. It was posted under wd statistics I think.

    Went to Github grabbed v1.4.7 and uploaded the zip after deleting the very latest version v2.0.2 . 1.4.7 restores the opt out
    Now at this point I cant remember if the domains and cookies had to be re entered
    I will try and check, then post.

    Then I installed 2.0.2 update and did nothing with it, no editing. If you edit it will not allow you to leave any blank fields.

    See this test site https://gdprtest.andyalkinselectrics.co.uk/privacy-preferences/

    Plugin Author Fernando Claussen


    Third Party plugins were added back in the recent patches.

    That was an accident. Sorry 😛

    Hello Fernando,
    thank you for your reply. Will an update be issued fix it. its a good plugin but with issues, it could be a great plugin. My review will be posted when its all fixed, it wouldn’t fair to review at the moment 🙂

    Plugin Author Fernando Claussen


    What is not working for you?
    Wasn’t the problem the third party cookies?
    They are back.

    I can see them and I’ve entered data but I still cant see the Opt out for individual cookies.

    I have an Adobe domain with cookies attached on test site and an opt out option.

    You can see it on the site shown below


    The real websites are in maintenance mode, I cant make them live until everything is in place

    Running php 5.6

    upgraded to latest. the OPT OUT link is still there but it opens in About Blank. So we still cant opt out or in using Privacy Preferences

    Plugin Author Fernando Claussen


    Did you add a link to the third party opt out field?

    Hello Fernando, didn’t see the email until this morning, medical issues to get sorted past couple of days.
    I would say, for me at least, that its fixed. I’ve added links.

    The text, two words “opt out” have gone and the button has replaced them which is good and it saves the preferences.

    I for one appreciate that you are trying to help people for free. It is probably the best plugin of its type, a few issues but that is to be expected, once its configured correctly by the user ie me, it makes life a lot easier for site visitors.

    Many Thanks, great plugin

    Plugin Author Fernando Claussen


    Thanks @boldly_going
    I hope you are well.

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