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  • I noticed that after a visitor denies cookies, they are still there after browsing.
    (before check I first deleted them in chrome)

    In future version, an option to delete cookies it might be usefull.

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  • Same problem here with these cookies:


    is there a solution?

    I can block Analytics cookies using is_allowed_cookie() function in my code, but can’t intercept all the others… is there a way?

    hardimos: Did you read this: ?
    allartsoftworks: I think you don’t have to intercept them because they are required cookies.
    Without them, the site could not work properly.

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    Yes, i have read this article.
    The thing is that all these are for experienced programmers. I thought that a plugin with some settings understandable by novice users will do the job.
    If I get right, i must find all cookies used in this site, disable them (except the absolutely necessary) and then after user consent enable them.
    It so complicated to me.
    And the thing about GPDR is that even “necessary” cookies must not be allowed before consent.


    I’m afraid there is no plug and play solution to bring a site into compliance.
    You will have to put your hands in the code or limit the collection on your site.

    I’m not sure that

    even “necessary” cookies must be allowed before consent.

    I think if your site does not work without them, you can put them without consent.


    Thread Starter hardimos


    Thanks anyway.
    I think i ask for some help here from pros.

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