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  • Here is an attempt at cookie creation within header.php of a theme file.

    For some reason the cookie keeps disappearing. I was wondering if anyone can spot the error here (or even suggest a simplified way to do this).

    I end it all using shortcode so i can output [show_the_code] in a post/page. The problem is that the cookie gets written but doesn’t persist. Also, I am using session in case some doofus doesn’t have cookies enabled (it happens).

    Help me on this and I will definitely owe you a few beers 🙂

    // start a session
    // get ID and save to session ID
    if(isset($_GET['sourceID'])) {
    // code tracking
    if(isset($_GET['theCode'])) {
    // make a cookie
    if(!isset($_COOKIE['sourceID'])) {
    	setcookie("nomSourceID", $_GET['sourceID'], time()+60*60*24*30); // 30 days
    if(!isset($_COOKIE['theCode'])) {
    	setcookie("nomCode", $_GET['theCode'], time()+3600); // 1 hour code expiry
    // create strings
    function show_the_code(){
    	if (isset($_COOKIE['nomCode'])){
    		echo"this is the cookie value";
    		return $_COOKIE['nomCode'];
    		} else {
    		echo"this is the session value";
    		return $_SESSION['theCode'];
    add_shortcode('show_the_code', 'show_the_code');
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  • bumping this 7 months later since i never found a concrete solution for creating additional sessions or cookies in wordpress.

    Bump again. I too am wondering how to do this. The Codex entry on Cookies is currently just an apology for not being up to date! Yikes!!

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