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  • I’ve been using this program just fine until the last hour. Now I get this error message, and I’ve verified that cookies are turned on:

    ERROR: WordPress requires Cookies but your browser does not support them or they are blocked.

    Now what?

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  • If it worked and then stopped working, what changed?

    The cookie detection works by setting a cookie and then trying to get it back (simple and effective), so if you get that message, then cookies are being blocked somewhere. Maybe by your browser, maybe by a proxy, maybe by some kind of privacy software you are running, but the cookies are being blocked.

    Thanks for the response, but it doesn’t make sense to me. I had JUST used it at the time and it stopped, and the only thing I was doing between the last successful post and the last one I attempted to post was browse my usual news sites. To make things more confusing, I just intentionally mistyped my password to see what happens, and I get the same error. It makes NO mention of a bad user / password match. I have checked for anything I know of that could block cookies from my machine. Also, I clicked the button to reissue a new password (after typing in my user info), and nothing happened.

    Have you tried clearing all cookies from the browser and clearing the browser cache as well? Might work.

    I am getting this message as well, but I just loaded the software and I am a new user to this.

    I can get in fine on the computer I set up WordPress with, but none of my other computers or anyone else.

    And I cleared all my cookies, set my security setting to off, did anything and everthing to do with cookies and it still does it, except from the computer I set it up on.

    And I cleared all my cookies, set my security setting to off, did anything and everthing to do with cookies and it still does it, except from the computer I set it up on.

    Are you using “localhost” as the website URL? Or running this on some kind of local server for a private network?

    Cookies can be tricky sometimes. They rely on the sitename not changing from one moment to the next. What is in the URL path must not be changing from a name to an IP address, for example.

    So if your login page is http://local-example/wp-login.php and the site’s URL is set to be http://some.other.thing/, then you’ll get this message because the cookies are not going to the new site from the actual login page.

    I am using my website as the host is the link for my blog

    Ahh. You didn’t say that you were getting “Cannot modify header information” errors.

    There’s an error with the “widget_comments.php” file. Since it’s part of your theme, you will probably have to talk to your theme’s creator or choose another theme.

    Clearing cookies doesn’t work. Deleting the files and uploading from scratch doesn’t work. Having people attempting to login on their machines (even out of State) doesn’t work. It was working for over two weeks . . . then this. I didn’t make any changes other than making a post, then I got locked-out, and nobody knows what to do. Suddenly it’s “what browser are you using” “you’re using something that’s blocking you from entering the site” etc. etc. etc. So somehow I entered a state where I froze time and made changes to my computer . . . made myself forget doing it . . . then came back to present time to a hosed-up program? Because that’s the only way something I did could have change anything. If I were paying for this I guess I’d have a right to complain? Sorry . . . I thought I found something that would work for me and am realizing it’s true you get what you pay for.

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    hzemall – yours seems to be ok now.

    cyberdurden – how long have you been using computers? It does not have to make sense! If you don’t want to follow suggestions, then do a search. You will find lots of cures that worked for different users. WP works for thousands of users. If it does not work for you it is a local (your) problem. There are solutions if you want to keep your blog going. Good luck!

    Ok . . . I had our server folks kill my blog and restart from scratch. Now I get a bad password error instead of the “cookie error,” so I requested a new password. I have been waiting for over three hours for the confirmation link? Is this somehow my fault too? I have checked my spam folder, etc.

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