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  • The COOKIES acceptance is already a big problem in several countries or areas.

    There are several plugins in but 99% are useless to follow exactly the GDPR and other regulations.

    And whatever we use to get the regulation compliance, we must have the cookies listed in the cookie policy (which is already absurd btw).

    WordPress CMS users are constantly installing and uninstalling plugins, and testing stuffs. It’s almost impossible to keep the cookies list updated and perfect. The third-party solutions are very costly (big companies oriented), and in most cases, you still need to create the cookies list MANUALLY.

    I beg you guys, please, modify WordPress software to create the COOKIES list automatically, like every time you install or update plugins, and keep the cookie list updated every time you uninstall plugins. You “just” have to ask the plugin developers to put a little additional code.

    Thank you in advance.


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  • Moderator Yui



    There is “Consent API” being worked on.
    You can try it now as a feature plugin:

    Hi Yui,

    I think COOKIES consent and most important the COOKIES List are WordPress platform problems because this is a game-changer for the platform itself.

    Plugins soon or later will start to charge, at different levels. In this specif case of WordPress privacy, I believe it is the WordPress developers community who must resolve it natively, not allowing another submarket to emerge around this.

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    Moderator Yui



    “Feature plugin” stand for a feature that is developed for future core inclusion.
    With 5.5 we will see 2 feature plugins integrated into core – native lazy load for pictures and XML sitemaps.

    REST API that is currently in core been developed as a feature plugin too.

    So your judgement about plugins is incorrect in this case.
    This is native solution. Just for future version.
    We might see this plugin accepted into core in future releases, maybe even WordPress 5.6

    If this is a native solution for future versions, that is good news.

    Thank you for the information. 🙂

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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