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  1. danehammond47
    Posted 7 years ago #

    I have a wordpress blog that I write to daily. I have a client that is running for mayor of our city and wants me to work a blog for him. He has set that blog up, sent me all of the information to login but WP has placed a cookie on my computer and now every time I go to log into His new blog I get sent to MY login and dashboard. Even if I write his address into my browsers address bar I'm automatically taken to MY page and there seems no way around this. I want to setup a different theme, permissions and widgets, but no matter what I do I'm taken to my dashboard. How do I bypass this so I can work on His blog?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated guys.

  2. Hrm? The blog URL?

    Sounds like you are using wordpress.COM and are not self hosted which is what this support forum covers.

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