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  • well i dunno if it’s using cookies, try commenting on another computer and check the windows/linux cookie dir.

    It definitely does, they’re set in . Did the cookies work with your old version of b2?

    Nope, cookies didn’t work in my old b2 either 🙁
    Any thoughts?

    Pleeaaaaase someone help meeeee 🙁
    I haven’t the slightest idea why it’s not working! 🙁

    Okay Eudaimic I left a comment on your site and looked at the headers. The set-cookie lines just aren’t being sent by like they should be. My only guess as to why this would be effecting you is that it’s related to IIS. I will look around to see if there are any cookie monsters that are IIS-specific.

    How can I see what webserver-program I’m on?

    Just found this on the PHP manual comments for setcookie:

    If you experience problems on Microsoft Information Server (IIS) when setting a cookie via PHP and when PHP is running as a CGI binary it is not setting the cookie. After spending many hours on what the problem is here is what happens:
    When you invoke setcookie and redirect to another page you will not have your cookie set, because it seems that IIS doesn’t set the cookie unless you actually send some contents to the browser. Therefore if you want to set a cookie and then redirect to another page you will have to do the redirection via JavaScript and/or HTML if you want your script to work on IIS.

    I’ve asked my host to move me to an Apache server, enough of this IIS crap! 😐

    I switched from MT to WordPress recently so I’m using 1.0. In my popup comments, the poster information isn’t saving which I assume as everything to do with the cookies. I’ve no idea why… I tried to look for something that might have been commented out, but alas nothing. I’m at Dreamhost, phpinfo says Apache server.
    Not really sure where to go from here. Help/suggestions much appreciated.
    merci beaucoup.

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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