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    If you manually insert the header code it will break Elementor Pro. That is, you will be unable to use the page editor.

    If you use the WordPress plugin it will do the same.

    However, this problem is resolved if you select Manual, and not Auto, for the cookie blocking mode in the WordPress CookieBot settings.

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    Hi @steveb4,

    Thanks for reaching out.

    We are aware that the autoblocking mode causes inteference with the WordPress Admin panel. For now, you can choose to disable Cookiebot in the Admin panel in the “Advanced settings”, or to use manual blocking mode.

    Sorry for any inconvenience!

    I am trying to implement Cookiebot Auto setting but it breaks Elementor pro. Are you aware of this? Do you have a solution? Or an idea of when it will be resolved?

    I have 10 websites waiting to implement it.

    Can you please give me a solution a.s.a.p.?

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    Hi @csnijders

    Which version of the Cookiebot WordPress plugin are you using?

    We recently released a fix for the Elementor issue.

    version 3.2

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    We’ll look into it again, perhaps the fix only worked for the free version of Elementor.
    We will update this thread when the fix is released.

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    Do you know how long it will take?

    Plugin Contributor Johan Holst Nielsen



    We are looking into it right now.

    What version of Elementor and Elementor Pro do you use?

    Are you able to paste the error from the Javascript Console when trying to edit the a post using Elementor?


    I can edit the page in Elementor but a widget from Elementor extras the switcher widget breaks


    Plugin Contributor Johan Holst Nielsen



    Thanks for getting back. We looking into the issue and will update the thread when current status as soon as possible.

    Plugin Contributor Johan Holst Nielsen



    The issue should have been resolved in the latest version available through github (version 3.3.0). See: https://github.com/CybotAS/CookiebotWP/

    You are welcome to confirm the latest development version works as expected. It should be available on WordPress.org later today.




    Hello, I have the same issues. it breaks the elementor widgets… i mean the elementor widgets do not appear on the pages.. like photos or contact form



    I really like the concept of cookiebot and especially the automation for prior consent. It used to work on my WebPlus websites but since WebPlus is obsolete I have now started the process of updating them to WordPress.

    Version 3.3 of the cookiebot plugin (still) breaks the free version of elementor. Initially it just seemed to be the display of some gallery images, but today the Elementor page builder wouldn’t even load. I have had to disable cookiebot, which rather defeats the object! Is there a proper fix in the works any time soon please?

    Plugin Support Richard


    In the second last update of the Cookiebot plugin (3.20), some temporary fixes were released specifically for issues with certain WordPress plugins (like Divi and Elementor). However, when these plugins themselves were recently updated, the issues resurfaced.
    Our developers are working on a more permanent solution, but could give no estimate on when we can expect this to be available.

    The best course of action is to temporarily switch to manual cookie blocking mode while editing, and switching back to automatic cookie blocking right before publishing.
    We apologize for this inconvenience.

    Cookiebot Version 3.4.0
    Elementor/ Elementor Pro Version 2.8.3
    not work together.
    – Maps
    – Background-Galerie
    – Table of Content
    do not appear in the frontend.
    In the Backend the elementor widgets works.

    Solved: It was an chaching bug.

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