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    I’ve just installed the plugin and it looks very comprehensive, but I am struggling a little. The main problem from a user perspective is that the “cookie settings” link in the cookie banner does not do anything, it just darkens – and locks – the screen, meaning you have to reload the page to be able to do anything (including hit the “I understand” button).

    I was also expecting to be able to put a link to my Privacy Policy (or a separate Cookie page), but the banner text does not accept html. How am I supposed to do this? I understood that a simple banner is no longer enough and we have to explain use of cookies in a separate page (or in the PP). I therefore do not understand either what the Cookie Privacy Excerpt is for/where it appears.

    Thanks in advance for your help!

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  • Plugin Author Fernando Claussen


    Hi Arthur,

    regarding the link to the privacy policy, I replied to your other support ticket.

    Regarding the cookie preferences window now opening. How does your cookie settings page look like?

    Can you email a screenshot of the cookie settings page on the dashboard to me at ?

    It works on all tests I’ve done here so I need to know more to understand why you have this issue.

    Hi again Fernando,

    As you correctly identified in the other ticket, this was my fault for not completing the setup (as I explained, I’m a relative newbie at this virtual cookie business – though I make a mean chocolate chip cookie!)

    The cookie settings window now appears with my basic information (until I can figure it out better!) so I reckon job done for now. Just a matter of adding more detail for compliance purposes.

    Great job.

    Same sort of thing here, when the button is clicked I just get a grey overlay on the site.

    Hi @benniebean,

    I solved this by completing the basic settings, specifically adding cookie categories.

    The new rules state that you have to specify what type of cookies you use. Being fairly ignorant about this myself, I just added two categories, “Session cookies” and “Persistent cookies”. I got generic descriptions of what these are and adapted them slightly to what I think happens in WordPress (the advantage is that it is also more or less understandable by anyone!):

    Session cookies:
    These cookies store information about the activities you perform during a single session. They are used to persist data about your activities as you browse through a site but are erased at the end of your session.

    Persistent cookies:
    Really delicious cookies that leave a lasting taste in your mouth. Persistent cookies remain on your hard drive until they expire or are erased. We use these to identify you when you return to the site, for example, when you tick “remember me” on login.

    By adding these (GDPR > Settings > Cookies > Cookie Categories, add a name, like the ones above, then click “Add tab” then add a description like the above), it completes the basic information which is displayed when you click “Cookie Settings”.

    Without this information, the plugin has nothing to display, hence the grey overlay.

    I am proceeding on the basis that this shows a willingness to comply and I can fine tune the technicalities later. IMHO it’s more than sufficient as any more information and the average user won’t understand – it’s already more than most will read!

    Privacy = good, information overload = bad.

    The only issue is there is no link to information on how to opt out, but my guess is that a link in the Privacy Policy to one of the many webpages on cookies and the different ways to avoid or clear them in the different browsers would also be sufficient.

    Hope that helps!


    p.s. This is not just about cookies, of course. If you capture other information you also need to add consents. I am on the committee for a local choir I sing in, and could use this to add consents for all the membership information we store (e.g. consent to use of photos); I imagine we will still have to do this physically, but this plugin offers the option to do it all electronically as well – so much more efficient and traceable!

    Plugin Author Fernando Claussen


    My suggestion for cookies would be something like.

    “Strictly Necessary Cookies”
    Those would be cookies that are essential for the site or WordPress to work.

    “Performance Cookies”
    Those would be for analytics or anything that helps you increase performance by analyzing how people use the site and making adjustments.

    “Advertising Cookies”
    That would be for doubleclick or something else.

    You can basically create tons of options.

    Don’t forget you need to go in your theme or where and add the wrapping function to actually stop or allow the cookie creation.

    Plugin Author Fernando Claussen


    For instance, if you want to block Google Analytics, you can do the following, replacing X for your UA.

    <?php if ( ! is_allowed_cookie( '_ga' ) ): ?>
    		window['ga-disable-UA-XXXXXXXX-X'] = true;
    <?php endif; ?>
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