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Cookie issue with WP 2.0 RC 3 (2 posts)

  1. D'Arcy Norman
    Posted 10 years ago #

    I ran a test update of my blog on a backup copy on my desktop box, and all went well. I was able to configure stuff, write posts, edit posts, comment, etc... So I though "what the hell, try updating my server..." And, I hit some minor issues that appear to be related to cookies.

    Using Safari on MacOSX 10.4.3, I can log into the wp-admin side of things, and view/manage options etc... But once I edit a page, I get kicked out with an invalid header message in the browser.

    It appears to be related to the dbx-postmeta cookie - if I delete that, I can access wp-admin pages again. But I can't save edits to any post, assuming it's creating that cookie and causing my browser to barf. I get an error message that starts:
    "Bad request: Your browser sent a request that this server could not understand. Request header field is missing colon separator"

    Curiously, Firefox is able to chew right through it, and I can post/edit from it with no problems. Not sure what might be different about Safari's handling of the cookies...

    I did a brief writeup on my blog at:

  2. D'Arcy Norman
    Posted 10 years ago #

    Just updated my blog post with details about the cookie. Looks like the dbx-postmeta cookie is being corrupted, with raw PHP code being squirted into it rather than being executed.

    Value }&
    Host http://www.darcynorman.net
    Path /
    Secure No
    Expires Thu, Dec 21, 2006 1:47:34 PM

    Name dbx-postmeta
    Value grabit=0-,1-,2-,3-,4-,5-,6-&advancedstuff=0-,1-,2-&extend=function (object) {
    Host http://www.darcynorman.net
    Path /wp-admin/
    Secure No
    Expires At End Of Session

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