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  • Hi there – I fell in love with your Plug-in …

    BUT: I’m sorry, I have the same problem. Installed GDPR Compliance on 2 sites with different themes and mostly different plugins, but none of them shows a Cookie consent panel.

    Am I too stupid??? Can’t find a button or the like. Therefore I assumed that the Consent panel will show up automatically, as I saw it on your homepage . Or do I have to add some code somewhere to get the consent panel to work ?

    But even after turning every plugin (on boths sites) off, nothing happend.

    Additionally I’m unable to open the “My settings” page.
    I can get hold of the link using the [wpgdprc_consents_settings_link] on a page. (As mentioned the cookie consent panel isn’t shown).

    It would be great to have something like a short description of the usage in practice or some helptexts in the backend. Just to let the users know what should happen. In cases like mine, when something doesn’t react or is invisible and you can’t find any further settings, it would be helpful to know how it should be.
    This way it would be much easier for you as a user to identify some technical problems, without permanently asking yourself if you are “too stupid”.

    Though I think the usage is quiet simple and self-explaining in general, if there are no problems with the installation or other plugins, it would be helpful to have such a little guide for the handling.

    Kind regards

    To show Cookie Bar you need to add something on Consents .

    For heaven’s sake! So easy!
    (As I wasn’t sure what to add in the Code Snippet field I haven’t already created a consent. So I came in the frustrating situation described above. As I wrote, a small sentence in the backend, regarding this requirement for a visible consent panel, would have been very helpful, and time saving to me.)

    Again thanks a lot for your help!

    You can add new consent with required cookies description without code, and without option to disable.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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