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  • Okay, this is only happening when caching is enabled. I’m using WPFastestCache.

    Okay, I re-checked and it happens also when caching is disabled. Must be an issue with the plugin.

    And only one way:

    If the “everywhere” box is triggered and the cookie was set, the cookie for the “posts only” box is also set.
    But if I set the cookie for the “post only” box, the cookie for the “everywhere” box is not set.

    Very strange!

    Plugin Author Danny van Kooten


    Hi Jack,

    That does sound like a bug in the plugin. I’m looking into this and we’ll push out an update with the fix once resolved.

    Sorry for the hassle but thank you for the detailed report!

    Plugin Author Danny van Kooten


    Hi Jack,

    After looking into this a little more, I was actually not able to reproduce the issue and it seems it isn’t happening on your site either.

    The “post only” box has a trigger method of “time on page” with 30 seconds as its value. For me, opening up the home page and then dismissing that box and then opening up the “post only” page and staying on it for 30 seconds shows the box correctly.

    Are you sure the cookie isn’t set from any of your earlier testing? You can test better by enabling “test mode” in the box settings so that you don’t run into this again.

    Hope that helps. If not, let me know!

    Hey Danny,

    Thanks for looking into this, but I can reproduce the wrong behavior on multile devices and using multiple browsers.

    I did the following:
    Deleted all cookies of my site.
    Reloaded the home page and waited for 30 seconds.
    Box 19281 (the centered, big one with the social icons) is showing up.
    I closed the box.
    Now there are two cookies set for box 19281 and 19287, whereas 19287 is the small, bottom left one which only appears on single posts and was not even triggered yet.

    And what is even more strange, the small one does not appear on my phone using Chrome. Even with all cookies cleared. Maybe it has something to do with the condition to show on posttype “post” only? As this is the only difference to my other boxes and they all work fine.

    I’ll play around with that a little bit.


    Okay, no matter what conditions I set for the small box (19287), its cookie is still set when the big box (19281) gets closed. 🙁

    So, another thing I noticed:

    I set up a third box yesterday (19275) which only appears on this page, when you scroll down almost completely:
    But when the big box (19281) pops up and gets closed, it also sets the cookie for the third box like in the other case.

    So it seems that the big box which can be triggered “everywhere” is overwriting things of the small boxes.

    Plugin Author Danny van Kooten


    Hi Nils,

    Are you 100% sure that the cookie is being set or is it just that the other boxes are not showing? What are the names of the cookies being set?

    Also, how are you closing the box? Are you clicking the X-icon or are you clicking the greyish overlay or pressing ESC?

    Thanks in advance!

    Yes, 100% sure its the cookies, not just “not showing”.

    But good point with the closing of the box. When I close the box using the X, only the cookie for the big box is set, not for the small one (19287).

    But when I close the big box by clicking on the grey overlay around the box, then both cookies are set.

    Once again with some screenshots:

    Case 1 – Using the X to close

    Case 2 – Clicking the overlay to close the box

    • I have deleted all Boxzilla cookies again.
    • I have reloaded the home page and waited 30 secs.
    • I have closed the pop up by clicking on the overlay outside of the box.
    • Voilà, both cookies are set, also for the small one (19287):

    Case 3 – Using Escape to close the box

    • Same as in case 2 – both cookies are set.

    It seems we have found the bug. 🙂

    Any update on this?

    Plugin Author Danny van Kooten


    Hi Nils,

    I am looking at this today, more than likely the fix will be included in this week’s release! 🙂

    Plugin Author Danny van Kooten


    Hi Nils,

    This issue should be fixed in version 3.1.5 of Boxzilla, which was just released!

    Thanks for your patience on this one, and the detailed reports. Sorry for not catching on to the bug earlier!

    Hi Danny,

    Super, thanks so much for the great support and fix. Glad I could help a bit.

    All the best

Viewing 13 replies - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)
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