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  • The situation here is that the old theme had your post area, then had another tab to click on when posting reviews… I thought when I converted to the new theme that those reviews would convert themselves to a review category in the post area.. Apparently I am way off and they do not show up anywhere.. I need to bring them back but not sure how to go about doing this… or if it is even possible.

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  • Depends on how those reviews were organized

    Do you know if they were categories, or custom post types, or what?

    I believe it was a custom post type, which then had their own category… but I cant seem to find the db table that they would sit in… any suggestions, and is there a way to convert them so we can move them to the regular post table… or have we just lost them

    Looking through here, it does not appear that unregistering a post type deletes the associated posts – Now I’m not sure how deactivating the theme handles it

    I would hope it all happens in a non-destructive manner

    Possibly, the post type could be re registered using the same rules that the theme established, within your new theme — or better yet, if you plan to keep the post type, it could be done from within a plugin to keep the post type theme independent

    And it appears everything stays within wp_posts table – if your posts aren’t there at all… that could be bad news

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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