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  • When I validate my pages, I’m having problems with all of my old entries (or most) not validating. Blockquotes, etc.

    Anyone have a trick for updating my entries to be XHTML Transitional without manually editing each and every one…hundreds…


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  • Delete them…? 😉 They won’t not validate then.

    Truthfully, if there was a simple way, I think it would be built into WP already being how it’s all about standards.


    Delete them… lol… what a suggestion… lol


    One thought…you don’t have the option turned on in WP to correct invalidly nested html do you?

    It doesn’t work very well…usually causes more harm than good.

    Well, if you know the difference between valid and invalid codes, you can do a search and replace within your database to change them. For instance, if the issue is something like changing <br> to then do a search and replace for that code and change it. That’s an easy one, but think about what you can do with a search and replace within the database. BACKUP first, of course.

    The problem gets more complicated when it comes to graphics. Unless you have some consistent code with graphics, it’s hard to fix them by search and replace. That’s a manual job.

    By the way, what is it about your blockquote, as an example, that wouldn’t validate?

    blockquote won’t validate within tags.

    So when I type normal, WP changes my eye-correct paragraphs into HTML correct paragraphs. But when I throw a blockquote out there, apparently it gets nested inside tags and doesn’t validate.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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