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  • dan


    Hello bloggers and developers,
    I have a dillema.

    I am about to commission a professional to make a major change on my site. But I couldn’t be sure of the wisdom of my plan.

    Here is the plan:
    I want to turn my multisite into a single site, to reduce script executions and other WPMU headaches. (Note: It is a subsite based multisite, like,, etc.)

    The curent main site’s posts will be the default post type of the new single site.

    The subsites will be as Custom Post Types (with their own category and tag) on the new single site.
    (The subsites’ posts are in a different language from the main site, that’s why I need to keep them distinct).

    Is there any drawback to this? Should I move the subsites to a subdomain instead?

    If there is any drawback to this idea, I will be suffering for years. Therefore, I wanted to seek feedback before I give the task to a professional.


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  • Susan Walker


    WCUS 2015 Contributor

    Hi Dan, can you post some URLs of these sites so we can take a look?

    My immediate thought is that if you’re heavily depending on your SEO performance you’re going to have to set up a lot of redirects to make sure your performance doesn’t take a hit (and visitors can find you, too).



    Thanks @susanwrotethis
    Sorry for the delayed reply.

    The site is
    The subsites are, /tg/, and /om/.

    I am thinking if the three subsites could simply be Custom Post Types on the main site

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