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  1. zamba
    Posted 6 years ago #

    Hi All,
    I'm on shared hosting at Pair.com (LAMP). My site consists of several wp 2.92 blogs in sub-folders off the web root. These blogs use a single database with the tables having individual prefixes. I now wish to merge these blogs into a single wp 3.0 network. Is there a simple way of doing this, bearing in mind the blogs already use the same database? Or do I have to start from scratch with the export/import procedure?

    If anyone could throw some light on this I'd be grateful, if there is a simpler way it would certainly save me a lot of time (I have multiple examples of this situation to deal with).

    Tony Page

  2. How comfortable are you with working in the database directly?

  3. zamba
    Posted 6 years ago #

    Hi Andrea,

    Sorry for delay in responding, I'm in Sydney, Australia.

    I'd describe my ability to do that as basic, essentially limited to working via php admin at the "follow instructions" level. I am not a programmer and have only a rudimentary knowledge of coding. Sorry!


    PS Of course, I could maybe pay someone more capable to do it, if this was a basically straightforward operation...

  4. Well nobody's written a step by step for this particular situation, but if they are all in the same db, it involves renaming tables and shuffling some things around.

    I'd say intermediate level.

  5. zamba
    Posted 6 years ago #

    Copy that. When it comes to ground-breaking, I wouldn't feel happy unless I was at least one skill level above that notionally required, which rules this process out for me, I think.

    So if I want to do it myself, I'd have to basically start from scratch, export all the blogs, install and specify one blog as lead, and then re-import the rest from the back-ups into the network? Presumably, it's preferable to start with a clean database, so at least I can keep everything running until the last moment.

    Has anyone else done this and can give me any heads-ups as to possible snafus?


  6. Yep. That's the slow-but-works way.

    possible snafus only really relate to media uploads.

  7. zamba
    Posted 6 years ago #

    Thanks, Andrea, that's very helpful. So the images embedded in a post would be OK, but any attachments would need to have their links amended?

  8. If they are embedded in a post, where are they linked to? your install? If offsite, no. If on your install.... then.... yes...

    I've often set up two images folders, one for legacy links and then copies in the new one.

    but any attachments would need to have their links amended?

    any attachments may need to have their links amended.

  9. zamba
    Posted 6 years ago #

    Good grief, we have a minimum of one image on each post, uploaded to the media library, and a thousand or more posts. I'd assumed (stupidly) that in some mystic way the image links were rewritten - pretty dumb, now I come to think of it.

    So the easiest way to solve this is to maintain my current uploads directory structure for legacy posts. Not elegant, but workable?

    I may be slow, but why do you place copies in the new http://example.com/files/2010/ folder?

  10. I may be slow, but why do you place copies in the new http://example.com/files/2010/ folder?

    Redundacy in case I missed something. And so they show in the Media area.

  11. zamba
    Posted 6 years ago #

    Got it. Thanks for your help on this. I think I'll take the more conservative approach and see how I go. If I split the approx. 40 blogs into 5 separate multisite installations, that should free up a lot of maintenance time while avoiding putting all my eggs in one basket (too chicken for that!).

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