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  • Some of the tutorials that I’ve read on multi-site suggest that it should only be used on a new instance of WordPress. I have a 3 year old blog that I’d like to convert to multi-site. The existing site will remain the main site, but others will be added.

    Can I create a new instance WP, configure for multi-site, then import the existing site using the XML import feature?

    What are my options? What are the gotchas?


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  • You can enable the feature on older blogs, yes.

    there are some gotchas. what did you want – subdomains or subfolders?

    Not sure if I care really. I host on a private VPS so I have control of the Apache server and my own domains. I suspect that sub-domains is nicer, that is more elegant. Given a choice which is preferred?

    your choice, really. I prefer subdomains myself. Also, you won’t have to kludge around with the /blog permalink issue off the main blog if you use subdomains. 😀 (unless you wanted it there)

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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