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  • I’ve never used WordPress before. I hope to try it in the next few days, installing it via C-Panel > Fantastico.

    I’ve created several content management systems and also have some new websites in the works. Exactly how I’m going to incorporate WordPress is something that will take time to figure out.

    I’ll probably start by turning a new website into a WordPress operation. If everything goes smoothly, I may then convert some of my CMS’ to WordPress…or perhaps I’ll only convert certain sections to WordPress. Let me explain.

    Most of my websites have a World section, with URL’s like these:


    Most of my sites also have a Topics section, with links like these:


    So let’s say I decide to incorporate WordPress into Can I set it up so that my posts are set up with URL’s that that look like the following, depending on the topic?:


    I guess another way to ask my question is like this: Can I customize my posts’ URL’s as I want, even grouping them into different sections (e.g. MySite/World vs MySite/Topis)?

    Here’s an example of one of my World pages: Note that this particular site doesn’t even have a world section (, NOT

    Can I style WordPress so that my pages look pretty much like that page? Can I set it up so that each page includes the same PHP includes?

    Since my websites are database-driven (MySQL), I assume I’ll have to somehow modify the databases created by WordPress – or simply add tables that link them to existing tables that handle includes. Is this pretty easy to do?

    Finally, how easy is to use WordPress along with Joomla? I’m trying to break into the freelance business, and WordPress and Joomla are two items I’m anxious to add to my resume.

    I guess I’d better bring this to a close before I think of another three dozen questions. I’m just trying to get an overview of what’s involved regarding my rather ambitious scheme to incorporate WordPress into a series of websites (content management systems).

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  • Pretty Permalinks will likely handle most of what you want. Install WordPress and play around with the WordPress Default Theme, change the permalink structure, add some categories, add some test posts, try it out.

    You will want to decide whether to use WordPress for your whole site or make/customize a theme that fits your existing look.

    If you put your existing tables in the same database that holds your WordPress tables, then you can use the wpdb class to access those tables. Yes, PHP includes are acceptable and are used throught WordPress scripts.

    Some reading materials:
    Stepping Into Template Tags
    Stepping Into Templates
    Template Hierarchy
    Category:Design and Layout


    I just discovered that WordPress created a site home page, replacing the home page that I temporarily deleted to fix a problem. I’m thinking of either replacing that page with my original home page or styling it to resemble the original, perhaps retaining some WordPress features.

    Next, I’ll tentatively create three new categories and three static pages to match…


    I’ll then style my URL’s (pretty links) to look like this:

    MySite/News/02-12-09 (or however WordPress inserts dates)

    Finally, I’ll try and configure it so that pages in each section display particular WordPress features. For example, I might include a Blogroll on MySite/News (the home page and perhaps child pages as well) but not on MySite/World.

    Thanks again for the tips.

    I myself am very seriously converting my joomla site to wordpress, especially now that i have found bbpress. My only worry is that i have a glossary with almost 300 words defined, I recently upgraded a site to wordpress with a glossary and used the azindex plugin, but that was for a far smaller glossary. How much would a glossary plugin cost to get programmed for me? In addition is there a plugin that i am just possibly not aware of? Also, if i get custom plugins made for me is there a way to ensure that they are forward compatible with any wordpress updates?

    What about paginated articles some of my articles in joomla are in the order of 5000 words, is there a way to easily paginate Articles in wordpress?

    Kind regards.

    cfella – your question warrants its own topic, please.

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