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  • I transferred about 75 or so pages from Google Knol into an Annotum site hosted by WordPress – The pages are not ‘articles’ within Annotum. I find the Annotum editor too fiddly for fast editing. I would like to transfer all of my pages into ‘posts’ rather than ‘articles’ within Annotum.

    However I don’t want to lose the permalinks to the articles – which come in from what were the knol urls. So, my question is, is there any way of creating a post in Annotum which has the same url as the article I will generate it from. I think that the answer is no to this.

    If this is the case, I presume that I can copy the contents from an article, past them into a new post (rather than using the automatic ‘convert to post’ command. And then delete what is in the article and just put in a link to the new post. Is there anyway of making an automatic referral from the article to the new post so that the user does not need to click on the link?

    Sorry if I have not explained this well. Any assistance appreciated.

    Paul Duignan

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