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  1. Begadoc
    Posted 4 years ago #

    I currently manage a standard html web site, about my local village, which I have built over the last 15 years - see http://www.stbees.org.uk if interested or relevant to any answer to this question.

    As I am becoming more a golden rather than silver surfer, I feel I should convert this site to one more easily managed by others in the village, to ensure that it survives me. The question is how best to tackle this.

    I assume the best way would be to create a completly new database and framework on my PC, copy all the information across to the new format, and when it is all done, delete the entire site that is on my hosting service and upload the WordPress one as a new site. The answer may be simply "yes" but I would welcome any comments regarding things that might make the whole process a bit easier, and in particular, any pitfalls to watch out for.

  2. You could ALSO install WordPress in a subfolder and then, when you're ready, either move it to the main location or give it it's own directory


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