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  • jeshuad


    First off, I love this plugin, you’ve done an amazing job. Recently I switched to SiteGround hosting and the plugin is no longer working. I have enabled gd and imagick according to info.php. However, I’ve been getting the following errors…

    “Required imagewebp() function is not available. It seems Gd has been compiled without webp support.”

    “iMagick was compiled without WebP support.”

    Thanks for your assistance.

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  • Hello,

    Can you verify which operating system is installed on this server? WebP support for PHP version 7 requires libwebp, which is only available on CentOS 7.

    Thank you.

    Hi Sanyog,

    I am running ubuntu 18.04 on one server and it is working fine, but I want to move away from this hosting provider.

    The server with these errors is running CloudLinux.

    I spoke to the CloudLinux provider and they will not recompile gd or the other modules to support webp.

    So, I am thinking of just using a remote converter (pointed back to the ubuntu server mentioned above) however the remote converter isn’t working either.

    I saw a ticket about that issue here (

    Don’t remember seeing it mentioned anywhere, but is centos required for the remote conversion server?

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