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    I’ve already submitted a ticket, but posting here in case others experience the same issue(s). We’ve noticed issues while testing the new plugin update, specifically with the conversion and function of pre-existing popups.
    Test Method: Before we updated the plugin, we created 4 test popups of varying types taking the defaults for each and using shortcodes to display them on a page.
    In the “All Popups” listing the shortcode of our existing popups has been updated. It appears the model for storing popups has changed to use a custom post type and its associated post id. Our shortcodes using the old id still work, but those using the new custom post type id do not. When we insert an old popup into a page using the Insert popup button, it is inserted into the page but clicking on the link does nothing. Also, the Preview Changes button doesn’t work. Clicking on it generates a “Posts or Page Not Found”. This behavior is the same for posts.

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    Dear @saintron,

    We are going to update the plugin soon.
    We have fixed some bugs, including the one you have in our new version.
    Please, update the plugin after the version is updated, and the problem will be solved.
    Save your data and reinstall the new version: How to save your data before updating the plugin?

    Greetings, has this issue been completely fixed? There are three ways to preview a popup. Via the page, post or inside the popup editor. The behavior now is the Preview Changes button doesn’t work inside the popup editor. Clicking on it generates a “Post or Page Not Found” error. The post and page previews appear to work now. As before, the fix is to comment out the code highlighted below in Filters.php.

    public function editPopupPreviewLink($previewLink, $post)
    if (get_option(‘theme_switched’) === false) {
    if (!empty($post) && $post->post_type == SG_POPUP_POST_TYPE) {
    return home_url().”?popup_preview_id=”.$post->ID;
    return $previewLink;

    This behavior has been observed on newly created pop ups vs. those that already existed before the update.

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