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  • When i created my site i thought i needed multisite, turns out the reasons i thought i needed it for can be easily done with a single site install.

    Now i find myself needing a lot of plugins so multisite behaves like a single install.

    This is all really dumb and i’d like to fix it.

    I need a way (mini tutorial/guide) to convert a multisite installation to single site without destroying everything, and by that i mean essentially i would need to maintain.
    1. All the posts of all the sites on the network, with they tags, category, comments and authors (all users already exist on all the sites)
    2. The permalink structure: i’m currently suing subfolder structure, if each subsite became a category this could be achieved by suing a permalink structure like

    I realize this would be insane.
    But it would also mean several benefits like uninstalling half of my plugins..

    Any adventurer out there?

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  • Susan Walker


    WCUS 2015 Contributor

    Hi Doug, I don’t think there’s going to be a quick and neat solution. Try this process out with a tiny site — I strongly recommend you try this on a test multisite and not your production installation — to see if it works. Hopefully others can suggest how to improve on it.

    1. Before you do anything else, go to the subsite you’re folding into the main site and create a category equivalent to that subsite’s name. So if it’s, create the category site1.

    2. Go to Posts, select all posts and use the Bulk Actions > Edit to apply that new category to all the posts.

    3. Use Tools > Export to export the subsite.

    4. Use Tools > Import to import the subsite file into the main site. Since you have all the same users on each site, when you’re prompted to map the old authors to the new ones you shouldn’t encounter any problems there.

    5. Rename the subsite you’re moving — so if it was site1, rename it something like site1-old.

    6. If everything migrated cleanly, you should find all the posts from the old site at To make each post show up at, you need to go to Settings > Permalinks and use the custom structure /%category%/%postname%/. Here’s the catch: that’s also going to affect the posts *already* on the main site. If you don’t want 404 errors, you’ll need to set up 301 redirects for these posts.

    7. Check the main site for broken links, missing images, etc., and clean up as needed. If you’re using Google Webmaster Tools, you’ll want to keep an eye on it in subsequent weeks to see if it detects any issues you’ve missed.

    If you’re talking about a lot of sites and posts, it may be well worth your time and sanity to find a developer who specializes in WP site migrations who can expedite this process via the command line and scripting.

    Hello thanks for the answer, i think i will do it this way with a little variant. Instead of using categories i’ll create a custom post type for each subsite, when all posts are consolidated into the main one, i want too create a couple of custom taxonomies to use
    So people would be able to filter the old sites i think it would be pretty neat feature but it will take a lot of work, some sites have thousands of posts and ten thousands of comments…i don’t wanna know how many files is that because the importer only accept 5mb files… sounds scary.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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