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  • Is there a plugin that can covert a wordpress installation to a web directory? I would also like payment gateway support [Paypal, 2checkout, etc] for the same.

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  • pramodd
    you don’t need a plugin it’s a standard feature of WordPress. look at Options – Permalinks

    I do not want to convert query strings to permalink. I require a plugin that will convert a wordpress installation to a web directory. The plugin should also support payment gateways like Paypal, 2checkout, etc. It should convert wordpress to something like the phplinkdirectory script.

    Here is what I require:
    a] User submits sites by filling a simple form
    b] User is taken to paypal [or 2checkout] to make payment.
    c] After user makes payment [transaction successful] I should receive site details in admin section.
    d] I should receive details of sites for which payment
    has been made. If a user fills site details and does not make payment I should NOT receive its details in admin area. THATS WHY I SHOULD RECEIVE SITE DETAILS ONLY AFTER PAYMENT IS CONFIRMED.
    e] I should be able to specify type of links [Featured, Paid links, Reciprocal links, FREE, etc]

    In short, all features of phplinkdirectory script.

    Sorry for not guessing all your extra questions.
    I was just responding to one of your questions, that shouldn’t be a reason to shout.
    I doubt that there is a single plugin that does all the things you need.
    Anyhow, maybe you can start working form this plugin?

    Their is a mod for this but it doesn’t have a payment gateway installed but it is a web directory. If you are interested in that let me know and I’ll find the link

    Thanks for referring me to the wordpress membership plugin. I appreciate your inputs.

    It would be nice if you could help me find the mod to convert wordpress installation to a web directory.

    Although I am the first saying WP is very flexible and you could use it for many things… I am also a great promoter of the simple basic idea: use the proper tool for the task you have.
    Meaning, if you want a link directory – use a link directory script…

    have to disagree, the plugin is great for word press it just doesn’t have a payment feature. It is very handy for wordpress and I wouldn’t say use a link directory script. I’ll post it up in a minute

    I know of several web directory scripts. If WP is converted to a web directory and is payment gateway enabled I think it will have more functionality than a web directory script. Hope I can do this with WP. I am NOT giving up …

    What exactly are people paying for?

    Thanks shortd81

    No problem man, is that what you were looking for?

Viewing 12 replies - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)
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