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  • I have a client that wants to redesign the websites of the numerous branches of his large company. I’d like to use WordPress to handle the content management (since I don’t know of a good ASP CMS) but their existing sites and a few critical apps are ASP-based.

    Should I convert to PHP (don’t know how difficult this would be) or am I better off sticking with ASP and looking for an ASP-based CMS?

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  • All around I prefer PHP: it is faster than asp, cheaper, and has most things already built into it.

    Is the customer capable/ready to maintain a WAMP or LAMP stack on his servers?

    Do the two have to be mutually exclusive? Is there integration that would make one or both sides have to rely on the codebase of the other?

    Obviously, my preference is to run on a Linux box which precludes using ASP but beyond that, IIS supports PHP and ASP at the same time so why not just configure IIS to answer to .php with the PHP process and .asp with regualr built in IIS handling?

    Integration is not necessary but my understanding was that there would be performance issues with PHP on IIS. Would there be a noticeable difference?

    Would there be a noticeable difference?

    Yea – php would slow down to the same speed as ASP. :>)

    haha ok.. i’ll give that a try then. thanks guys.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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