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  • I’ve downloaded a copy of WP2PDF and was reading it’s manual

    After rewriting the .htaccess rule the next step is the following, according to it:

    The last step is pretty easy. You need to add the link to WP2PDF, which should show up under each post. You'll probably want to put it in the same line as the permanent link to the post and the link to the comments. You could use the following code:
    " title="Convert this post to PDF">PDF

    This will add a link called “PDF”. That’s all, you’re finished!

    Hmm, may I know how to do this last step? Where to add it? I try to add this code to every of my post, but it didn’t work, so where shall I add this? Thanks

    Also, it mentioned this although it didn’t work either when I insert the code to my entries one by one:
    You can also integrate WP2PDF in your blog. For example, you could put a link like

    �>Convert to PDF

    in your blogfile and give your visitors the opportunity to create a PDF of your blog entries.

    put a link… in your blogfile

    I don’t use this script but the above line suggests to me to put the link in the index.php or the single.php template file.

    thanks, moshu, i placed it in the index.php and it work fine. though i donnu why the image in the post cannot be converted to pdf even i turn the “SHOW GRAPHICS” settings on.

    I was taught to use permalinks so that my “adsense” will work better. So for my permalink, I use


    Well, one gotta change something in the wp2pdf settings after changing the permalinks. I followed the instruction, and tried to modified the .htaccess file. But it didn’t work. When I click to the “Convert To PDF” link, it said my server does not contain that document.

    What should be the right thing to fill in the .htaccess file? Thanks.

    PS: Still, the pictures are not shown in the PDF File even I don’t use permalinks.

    probably some hint at .htaccess? thanks
    no intention of re-posting 🙂

    i couldnt find how to properly change my .htaccess file.. it has lots of references to index.php… any help?

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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