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  • I need suggestions! Our website is kind of inefficient and cluttered, and I’d like to hear if it’d be best if I convert the whole site to be run with WordPress (basically as a CMS).

    I’m currently using Dreamweaver to undertake that task, but it’s tedious to say the least. In addition, it’s just too bloated and I’d like to cut down.

    I’ll be installing Xampp on my workstation and trying to go through it all page by page, but if any of you can take a look at it, I’d really appreciate it. I’d love some pointers and tips, except for a link to the main Codex page. 😉


    For the record, I didn’t code any part of the current website – I started here six months ago and that’s how it was.

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  • Mark (podz)


    Support Maven

    No 🙂
    That said I don’t know how often parts of it change.
    What I would do is use css as much as possible, get rid of all the .swf files (Adblock here shows numerous tabs per page) and use includes where possible. It looks like a full width 2 column page so a WP theme could easily be adapted.
    I’m sure WP could do it but I would use that only for any often updated content areas and leave everything else for static files.

    In my experience it’s better to just completely start over. Get the template sorted, get the site structure sorted (and as flat as possible) and once you get the go-ahead you can steam in and slot the rest together.

    Do you have any site stats which can help drive a redesign ?

    Thanks for posting back so fast, Podz. 🙂

    I guess one driving reason is that we’d like the cases to be searchable by keyword:

    I’m going to get rid of the flash and go with CSS navigation – it just takes too long to load! But overall, the whole site is just nasty code that needs too much refinement. I’m sure if it looks better and is easier to maintain, we’ll udpate it more often.

    I think I have a problem though. We’re hosted through Earthlink, and I just found out that I need to use .php4 instead of .php extensions. *sigh* Will that be a problem? Wait, I just found out that we don’t have any MySQL databases through Earthlink either! *LoL*

    In any case, I think we’d move hosts if I can prove that the new site will be better (with WordPress, perhaps). Anymore thoughts now that I’ve established that we want to use a database? Keep it comin, and join in if you can…thanks!

    Moderator James Huff


    Halfelf Minion 🚀

    I highly suggest leaving Earthlink as a hosting company. Technically, the provide file hosting with “goodies” rather than actual web hosting. As for stating a business site with WordPress, I highly suggest that you start with this theme:

    Personally I think you can build the site from scratch using WP- just use WP Pages to build the static content, and “blog” the rest. Define a “Page” as your homepage and off you go.

    And yes, you will definitely need a real webhost (earthlink doesn’t in any way qualify for that distinction!) Make sure to check about availability of mod_rewrite before you sign up, you’ll save yourself a bunch of headaches in creating search engine friendly urls. Also check for .htaccess access. Some hosts allow it, some don’t.

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