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  • zota


    I have a site with about 2000 tags across a thousand posts. A few hundred of these tags are people’s names — I’d like to convert them to a custom taxonomy (“people”) and keep them associated with their respective posts.

    Easiest way to do this would be to selectively bulk convert post tags to taxonomy tags, in the way the category to tag importer does, but with custom taxonomies. But if there is a plugin that does this, it is incredibly well hidden.

    Until some noble plugin developer steps up, it’s time for a hack. Perhaps a hack to an existing plug that’s similar (like the importer) or tips on the best way to go through the database and manually re-taxonomize (?) some post tags.

    Any help or advice at all would be enormously appreciated.

    For further reference, there’s an unresolved five month old troubleshooting thread on this topic and a recent feedback thread where I documented this issue as well as I could.

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  • After searching for a while trying to find a plugin to do this, I figured out it can be done easily through the Bulk Post Editor.

    I just wrote out the steps to do it on the Blog section on

    [link removed]

    Let me know if you have any questions.


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