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  • hi

    i want to convert phpnuke to wp ,
    i have one modules (News)

    i search in this forum and everywher i see this link:

    but this site is closed for me or my ip,
    some one help me please !

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  • wow , fastest suppot , thnx

    but i dont know what is this txt? ;(

    i must rename this to php?
    get some information ,please

    yes, copy the contents and rename the file as php

    thnx , i tested and reply to this topic

    in this file wrote
    first emtpy :

    wp_post, wp_categories and the wp_post2cat

    but my wordpress db havent wp_categories and wp_post2cat

    my db is :

    what am i doing?
    maybe this converter wrote for latast version of wp?

    Script by Xyborg, based on the pnconvert of Bryan Klingner for postnuke, now it
    works with phpnuke and you can port all the news/stories content into wordpress 🙂
    Made on 4th July, 2007

    go get an older copy of wordpress, go compare some of the dates. use this importer with that version.

    after you have managed to import stuff and you see that that much is working — upgrade that old install to the latest version.

    i coming back again ,

    this way is not work for me , because my phpnuke is new version.

    i want to convert manualy ,
    but nuke database encoded “latin1″ , and wp encoded”utf_8_ci”,
    and when i import my db , all text , dont show correctly , (such as: پوست و زیبا)

    my languages isnt english , and i need to convert latin1 to utf8.
    for this problem ,i did two way:
    1-import nuke db with(utf-8) in wp db
    2-import nuke db with(latin_1) in wp db

    but this isnt work , and all text not see correctly (such as:پوست و زیبا)

    i want command for phpmyadmin to convert all database encoding to utf-8-ci
    software that convert my text , please

    @whooami plz send it again. please.

    I just stumbled across this script, but haven’t tried it. I don’t think I have Python installed on my server, but it looks like a prety nice script.

    It handles users, topics, and stories. It doesn’t handle the content module, but it probably wouldn’t be too hard to add that.

    Note that it requires phpnuke and wordpress to use the same database. It also requires empty wordpress tables as it is going to import the data with the same keys (story number, user number) so that you can do a url redirect from your old phpnuke site to your new wordpress site.



    I created a script that will port over programmed stories, stories, comments, views, and category images. If people are interested, i’ll get the steps documented, but I’m just not sure about releasing the script openly without it going through a few rounds. You can contact me and I’ll walk you through with the script.

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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