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    Don’t close posts until they are resolved by the author.

    Then I suggest that you do not abuse those who try to help you in all good faith.

    YES those functions DO have to do with permalinks from where I am sitting.

    You asked for an inverse function for a whole slew of id captures based on permalinks. When told that there wasn’t an inverse function, given another approach and even asked to discuss what it was that you wanted, your manner became distinctly unpleasant.

    I’m the author of the original Nginx ruleset that’s in use on the WP Codex.

    I couldn’t care less what you authored. If you want help here, then you need to treat others with some respect.

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    Duplicate topics are also deleted on sight.



    The idea here is to call url_to_internal_info($url) with the permalink and you get back an array of ‘blog_id’, ‘type’, and ‘type_id’. Usually ‘type’ will be ‘post’ and ‘type_id’ will be the post ID, but not always (you know how WP is 🙂



    @esmi – “I couldn’t care less what you authored.” 🙁 Took me a month to build that ruleset and it has helped all sorts of people so reading that made me sad. How about we now just call it even? I was mean. And you were mean. I’ll try to do better in the future – that’s all I can offer. I’ll also try to not have a migraine too when I post (migraines make me rather irritable).

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    switch_to_blog should be use sparingly, as it’s intensive and has weird issues with any caching plugin you may be running.

    You’ve worked ‘a month’ to build a rule set. Esmi has worked YEARS to be the respected volunteer she is, and her ‘cred’ is a heck of a lot bigger than yours or mine 🙂 She was firm. This isn’t Esmi (or me) mean. You asked what the inverse function was called, she correctly told you there was none. She was not ‘unhelpful’ in any way shape or form.


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Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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