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    I recently create an store with amazon, it says i can embed it onto one of my webspages, to make it look like part of my website. so it provides an HTML code.

    so i go to ‘manage’, ‘create a page’, ‘click on code NOT visual’paste the HTML code here, and it does nothing.

    So i guess i need to convert HTML to CSS code. so how do i do this please? is there a tool to do this?

    any help or advice would be gretaly appreciated.

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    I tried finding that link and couldnt, thanks for finding it. but no one resolved the last post, so can anyone help me?

    please type in this one, and ill change the other post to resolved.

    can anyone help please?




    please stop bumping your threads like that. You did the same thing in the other thread Its 4:30 in the morning US central time – ppl sleep, and this is a volunteer forum.

    You dont help your cause by being impatient.

    > So i guess i need to convert HTML to CSS code. so how do i do this please? is there a tool to do this?

    I doubt that you need to convert HTML to CSS; CSS is just what is used to enhance the display (and sometimes the physical position) of the HTML.

    > and it does nothing.

    That’s not much of a description to go on. <grin> Do you mean it doesn’t display at all? If not, you need to get the code working before you work on the display.

    Hi Diane, thanks for replying.

    as you can tell im very new with this code stuff. well i copy and paste the (2) code below which is from my amazon store (HTML), how do i get the code working?

    When i copy and paste the (2) code to my word press (via ‘dashboard’ ‘Manage’ ‘pages’ ‘create a page’ ‘code’, i paste it here, and then save and go to view my website. it doesnt appear, so when i go back to where i pasted the code, it isnt there anymore.

    Basically the info I have which may be able to help is:

    1) what the store looks like externally:

    2) The code from amazon of my store which is needed to imbed my store using an inline frame:
    <iframe src=”″ width=”90%” height=”4000″ frameborder=”0″ scrolling=”no”></iframe>

    3) where i am trying to get my store to embed to:

    anyway anyone can help please? a step by step guide for noobs would be great.


    You are in the wrong forum… is your place.

    okay thanks, any chance you could help me in that forum solving teh problem though?

    No, I can’t.
    That’s a different software, different capabilities for users… there are very knowledgeable helpers over there who are more familiar with that software.

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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