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  • Good afternoon. somebody has a practice of converting data from CMS Subdreamer to WordPress??

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  • Hey _seal,

    I am a long time Subdreamer user and plugin developer (I made the Form Wizard and Search engine plugins for Subdreamer).

    I’m actually moving my company site from Subdreamer to WordPress, so I’m testing a custom converter script that I’m building at the moment. As soon as the functionality is confirmed to work without an issue with all of my articles (about 12000), I will be converting it to a plugin which will be made available at an affordable price.

    It currently will convert pages, posts, users and images all in one process. Custom plugins though are a different story and will need to be handled manually.

    I will update this topic in the next couple of weeks when the script is available.

    Hello JMoody1988 ! Can you post your script or manual for migration from Subdreamer to WordPress here? or where i can find and buy this script?

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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