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  • For the longest time My wife and I have used separate instances of wordpress for our blogs and while she has failed to update hers in some time I update mine regularly.

    What I would like to do is convert MY instance into a Network enabled WP 3.0 blog. I want to then add two sites (using subfolders) one for myself and one for my wife.

    The issue here is my current blogs are set up as

    and so on

    I have a fair amount of work in promoting my blog at the current location. I want to move my files to the root of so all blogs it creates will be in the format i mentioned above. This is all easy to do so far the trick however is that I want to retain the structure for my blog so that feeds and aggregated services continue to point to my blog accurately. How can i covert to a network instance while moving the old single user blog to a site created with the now multi-site install?

    From what I read doing nothing more then moving root files and converting to multi-site would then move my main blog (remember the one current here to which would cause alot of things to fail with regards to aggregation.

    Due to my wife not updating her on a regular interval i can safely just create a new blog under this new Multi-site instance

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  • But the main install will have its own blog. That one is yours, no need to set up an /andy/ one.

    andrea_r i understand that but how then do i have someone (who currently has a blog link) pull up my blog when going to /andy/

    is there a way to redirect page requests to /andy to / so like would point to

    Doh, I just noticed your *current* blog is at /andy/.

    Yes, you cal just move that over into multisite.

    make the main blog something else, like a portal of all posts.

    Example site: – is that what you’re going for?

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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