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  • davidpey


    Hello everyone!

    I have a massive and ambitious project that I am keen on undertaking. I have looked around on the forum and was not able to find any info regarding a project like this.

    The details of the site are as follows:

    Type: Completely plain text. Static HTML. The site is basically a repository of public domain books and quotes… hundreds of them.
    Number of pages: Several thousand (perhaps something near to 10 000 pages)
    Designed in: Frontpage 2002

    So, after looking at this forum and the WP site, it would appear that I cannot maintain it in your average way. It appears that it would be best to use WP as a CMS ( in this sense.

    Here are my various requirements:

    1) To have a static front page (I know that this can be done from

    2) To manage the books, or quotes in a hierarchical system. To put it simply, I’d imagine that pages and subpages would be the best option for this. For example, to have things turn out this way: or (Take a look at the site to see how things are laid out) Are pages the best way to manage this need? Would WP be able to cope with almost 10 000 pages?

    3 As graemep said, “I would like to be able to categorise pages and have them included in a dynamically generated index” — that is to say — to have an automatic production of book navigation on each page itself (i.e. like a mini table of contents on the side, top or bottom). I suppose one could compare it to the “Subpage navigation module” that comes with the plugin “Sidebar modules” (

    4 Hopefully to be able to import the whole site in WP using some script or something – not manually (since there are so many pages!). Is this possible? I’m terribly sorry if this has been answered before. I’ve searched on the forum – but probably used the wrong keywords.

    I’m okay with WP – but when it comes to coding and php etc… I’m like an embryo!

    Many thanks in advance!


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  • jwurster


    I had started looking into doing this a while ago for someone but then their project was done in another way. I might be able to help.



    Having done much of this myself a while ago, here is a list of articles about how I imported static HTML files into WordPress.

    As for your folder structure, that’s old static HTML thinking. WordPress creates “virtual” web pages, not real ones, so you will not have any real directories. I recommend you stick with categories for a visual URL that points to a specific page, such as I also recommend you use a breadcrumb WordPress Plugin for the user to track where they are in the hierarchy of things.

    I also recommend you add to your list customized Category Templates to really help arrange your content.

    I hope this helps.

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