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    I have enabled your plugin and if i go to google analytics => Conversions => E-commerce I can see which product make how many revenue.

    But when I want to set up “smart shopping campaigns” i see note that I cannot set up it because I not track conversion. But as I mentioned before I see exact revenue from product.

    What I should to do to track this conversion? Or my settings are wrong? Do I need anything else or other plugin to track this?


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  • Plugin Author Tatvic


    Hi @webhk

    I have not been able to understand the issue here.
    Could you please explain this in detail?


    I will write short and simple

    I cannot lunch smart shopping campaign because there is info “before launch you have to track conversion”

    This is screenshot which show that campaign is not available: https://cl.ly/7474ff57d720
    Sorry this is in Polish but i cannot change the language of my ads account.

    But in other hand in analytics I have all information about which products have been sold, so i don;t know how they can tell that conversion is not tracked.

    Do I need something more for that? I guess your plugin have conversion tracking.


    Plugin Author Tatvic


    Hi ,

    Hope you have received the solution for this, hence closing the communication.

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