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    I have a site that is currently in beta. The original WP install was inside the root folder and later copied to a subfolder in root...ie../beta/word. The entire site is currently residing in the beta directory. I honestly do not remember if i had to do any special edits in WP to make this work as it was so long ago...(very nervous about the go live move from beta).

    I know im not using WP the correct way on the site currently as Im not using any templates, I was just using WP as a post manager on my custom built site, you can take a look at davisob.com/beta

    My problem now is that the doc (my wife) wants a few specialized web sites one being for teens. Since she has an idea that would lend itself perfectly to a simple WP themed site I had the idea of using subdomains for these new pages ie... teens.davisob.com. The subdomain has been created and resides in /beta/teen_root. Now the question is how do I make WP recognize this subdomain and apply a manageable theme to it?

    From what I understand there are some issues with initial installation such that the install has to be in the main website root directory. Is this true, and if so is there a work around while I'm still developing? (No, I do not have a local development solution at this time so all development takes place on the server hence the /beta folder :( )

  2. Well the domain mapping plugins don't like the subfolder but it's really more a case of being an absolute pill to set up with apache. You'll need to figure out how to point the subdomain so IT thinks it's root is /beta/ and NOT /beta/teen_root

    Then you'll want to treat it like you're mapping a domain: http://halfelf.org/2014/mapping-domains-without-plugin/

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