• Hi!
    I have a site in serverpilot and digital ocean, and this site not work he side server events.

    I made the settings indicated in the tutorial, but I only have browser events, and nothing from the server.
    Could you let me know how to fix it?

    see image: https://i.imgur.com/fEb5355.png


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  • Hi, asking on this topic as well as I also experience the same issue. I have followed the tutorial and only getting browser events during the testing in the events manager. I got the unique event ID and everything and also checked on the event overview table to check the number of events detected from the browser and server. The server one always shows 0.

    I host my site in niagahoster (part of hostinger I believe). Here are the link: my Website

    Is there any other way to debug and check what was the problem? As an additional information, I’m using cloudflare and Litespeed cache.

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    Please update the plugin, and test again.

    Make sure you get the most recent testing code, it changes after a while. Delete the previous test results, and refresh the testing page.

    Hi, I have updated the plugin to the latest version and retest it in the events manager.

    The testing code also is the latest, but still, I did not get the server events detected (Screenshot).

    What could be the problem here? How Can we check if the server was able to send the data and get rejected OR there’s no data sent by the server?

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    Hi! I have the same problem. Here too, i have the last version of plugin, and i see that the code test change of time in time. But i have nothing of return server events.

    You have a ideia for solved this?

    Hello, I have the same problem.

    Plugin version: 8.2.4
    Hosting: Cloudways
    Server: Digital Ocean and Vultr High Frequency
    Wordpress version:
    Cache: No cache

    Do you know why do we need to do use conversions api with Pixel your site, please?

    I am getting this error log, maybe this is the problem:

    [Thu Jun 10 20:58:04.301913 2021] [proxy_fcgi:error] [pid 10824:tid 140579354363648] [client] AH01071: Got error ‘PHP message: error send Fb API request (#2635) You are calling a deprecated version of the Ads API. Please update to the latest version: v11.0.’, referer: https://juliosoto.mx/

    Is it something usefull for the Pixel Your Site support?


    You can read it here: https://www.pixelyoursite.com/facebook-conversion-api-capi

    The main intention is to give a alternative way to send events to FB when the user using ad blocker or they are using iOS 14.5 up and ask the app not to track.

    How can you get that error logs? Is it something that I can check on my cPanel?

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    As far as I am aware, the issues raised here are fixed with our most recent update, 8.2.5.

    There was indeed an API update, and the older version didn’t work with some accounts.

    Please update the plugin to its latest version.

    Hi, thanks for the info. I have updated to 8.2.5 and now I’m able to see the server events being detected. However, the Received From column in the FB Test Events only showing “Server” with a note that’s it’s deduplicated (instead of “Browser & Server”)

    Anyway when tested with pixel helper, the browser events still working properly. Have you got the new update on the PRO version as well? which PRO version has this new update that makes the Conversion API working on my site?

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    What you describe it’s a good clue that your server and browser events work fine.

    What doesn’t work is the testing tool Maybe you use an ad-blocker? For some strange reasons, some ad blockers block the testing tool, but not the browser events. The result is that you can only see deduplicated server events.

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    Hi! I ahve de lasted version and not have the side server. :/

    I have the serverpilot and digital ocean. I try in other server too. And not work.

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    Ahh and i see this with the test server. He not work?

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