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  • I’ve got most of my site running with the Kubrick 1.2.5 theme used; I am of course suffering from different display of my ‘LINKS” category in Firefox and IE.
    I am trying to get the links within the black area of the top landscape scene, on the right. Obviously IE and Firefox display CSS differently; so what are my choices for making the category display properly in both using the same CSS, or using some kind o <!–[ifIE]–> command within the code; where would I put this and what should I name the IE CSS file?
    Any suggestions/advice would be greatly appreciated!

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  • Let’s say you have a css class that displays differently in Mox and Ie:
    .class { the: style }
    and say that the above works in IE, but not Moz and you know how to modify the above to make it work in Moz, like this:
    .class {the: style2 }
    To make it work in both, add this to your stylesheet:

    .class { the: style }
    html>body .class {the: style2 }

    Mozilla only sees the latter. Simple as that…though not pretty.

    I am having a simliar problem where in Mozilla my left bar’s width seems to be the root of the problem. It will look fine in IE but in Mozilla it seems to have squeezed all of the content and looks pretty bad.
    So would the fix be putting

    div#leftbar {
    width: 120px; <-- for IE
    html>body width: 160px; <-- for Mozilla

    Thanks for your help. Its appreciated.

    Moderator Matt Mullenweg



    Try adding this to your CSS:
    #sidebar ul ul {
    position: absolute;

    The selector (the #sidebar ul ul bit) is like that because your menu items don’t have unique IDs. If you change the

      that has the links you want in the header to <ul id="headlinks"> you could change the selector to #headlinks {.
      Hope that helps.

      This is what I added and it worked just great.
      width: 180px !important; <– for Moz
      width: 120px; <– for IE
      I got it from here:
      This worked just perfectly for me.

      I appreciate all the replies, it’s given me a good point to start from. I am quite new to the integration of/between CSS, PHP, HTML etc.. so it helps to have some input. Anyway, about conditional comments; I was additionally thinking about using this method and I even tried, but it didn’t seem to work. So, a) Where exactly do I paste the code for the conditional comment(s)? and b) To get the outcome I want, what would anyone suggest I use? I am going to read some more literature now on this; Thanks again!

    Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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