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  • A WordPress blog was started for me by some programmers and I didn’t follow through with them to get it all set up. Since that time I have been getting messages from people who have supposedly been to my blog. They are sending me many messages saying how much they like the articles that appear on my blog.

    I have never published an article to my blog and have never commented on my blog except maybe a first message when it first started. Where are these articles that I am supposed to have written coming from and how can I access the articles to see what “I am writing”?

    It is nice to receive so many favorable comments, but I do not deserve them because I have never written any of the articles. I would appreciate any help that I receive from you. I didn’t include my blog name because I didn’t know if that was allowed.


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  • esmi


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    Without your site’s url, we cannot offer any help at all.

    Sounds like spam bots to me.

    Yes spam.

    The most common comment is one that praises the content. Makes newbie WordPress users get excited,thinking their blog is kicking off over night, first night!

    Nope sorry to say but it might take a little longer and more traffic for real comments. Depending on your content, I estimate 2-3 genuine comments per day per 5000 visits. That is a rough guess at average from all my sites.

    By way WordPress comes with Askimet, antispam plugin, signup for a key and enter that to activate it.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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