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  • Resolved talgalili


    Hi futtta,
    I turn to you again with another issue 🙂

    One of the sites I’m running uses a server without much diskspace. I just discovered how autoptimize requires over 300MB just for caching all of its objects.

    Is there anyway (or a way in the future), to have these elements restricted by size? cleared? (or maybe optimized across posts – why do I need thousands of cached items?!)



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  • Plugin Author Frank Goossens


    Just checked; my cache is 3.9M (last time cache emptied on 23rd).

    The amount of cache actually depends on your site, on your autoptimize settings (another user noticed that when setting “only look for js in head” and the same for CSS), the amount of cached files dropped significantly) and on whether of not you use a plugin to do HTML caching (e.g. wp super cache or hypercache, which you really should have).

    But I do understand that under certain circumstances better cache management would be … nice. It’s on my wishlist, but can’t make any promises as to when it’ll be implemented. But I do welcome code-contributions 😉

    I would love to have helped with the coding, but I’m no PHP coder 🙂

    I also use wp-super-cache. But for me, having the cache accumulate to over 300MB, is not something that server can (sadly) handle.

    If you could have add an option to skip caching all together, that would have helped (although then, I’m not sure what is better – using several files, or running php…)

    Plugin Author Frank Goossens


    I see … nothing much I can do in the short term I’m afraid. 2 questions maybe;

    1. is 300MB the cache size of wp super cache + autoptimize, or just AO?
    2. did you try with the “only look for js in head” and its CSS-sibling option

    1) ONLY AO 🙁
    2) I didn’t try it.


    Plugin Author Frank Goossens


    can you try with “only look for js in head” and “only look for css in head”?

    alternatively you can dive into the (non-autoptimized) javascript and look for something (a comma or a variable or …) which causes autoptimize to see the aggregated javascript as different. an example would be a wordpress plugin which outputs a different variable for each page/ blogpost. this will indeed cause your cache to grow significantly. by excluding that javascript, you will be able to better control the cache size.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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