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    This is an awesome plugin!

    I am having difficulty, however, with the From line in emails. I want all notices to appear that they are coming from our site, not individual authors. In Settings, I put it on the site name, but it still gets sent out as from our site but with the author’s email address. Our authors don’t want this.

    How can I force it to use our site email, instead of Author’s?

    Thank you! Dana

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  • @dananourie,

    The easiest way to achieve this is to set up a new administrator level user within WordPress with the email address you want the notifications to come from. Then in Subscribe2->Settings choose that user account as the email sender rather than the Site name.

    Thank you! I believe I have the email problem resolved. I noticed when I created a dummy account that it was automatically subscribed from a checked box on the user profile. When I went through settings, I had clicked No on all auto subscribe, yet it is checking that box. Do you know which setting may be causing that? Thank you!


    Which box is checked in the Subscribe2->Your Subscriptions page for that affected user?

    That’s what is interesting. If I look for that user in Subscribe2 under Public users and search on the name, the user doesn’t come up. But if I go into that users Profile, under Email Subscriptions it has Subscribed checked, and notices are going to this user.

    I do have show one-click subscriptions on profile page on Yes. Should I change that to No?


    If they have access to the administration area they’ll be a Registered User and in the other tab. It shouldn’t be anything to do with the one click subscription setting but I’d suggest you turn that off as it may have been inadvertently clicked and therefore subscribed that user.

    No, this is not an admin, but a user I created with only the role of subscriber. I did that because I had a handful of people ask me to unsubscribe them, as they had not requested it. They were not listed in Public subscribers, yet when I went to their profiles, that subscribe was checked. So I created a new dummy annount with only the subscriber role, and sure enough, it received a notification this morning even though I had not subscribed the new account.

    I want to buy the HTML version of this plugin, but need this resolved first as people are annoyed. Thank you!

    Oh, I wonder . . . If I have compulsory categories checked, with new registered users automatically be subscribed? I had thought that meant if they subscribe.


    I’ll say it again. You have created a Registered user, they have access to parts of the administration area if they are Subscriber level and if you go ahead and look in the Registered Subscribers tab in the Subscribe2->Subscribers page you will find this user.

    And yes, compulsory categories will cause notifications to be sent to this type of user if the post is in such a category.

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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