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  • Hi there! I’m making the weblog on by using wordpress.

    I totally love wordpress! It’s such a great program! Now I have a question. I want to deny the access for all normal user. I want to control all the users that have access to it. So no one from outside can read and give comments on the logs….

    How can I do this? Do I need a plugin or is this available in the regular options? I use WordPress 2.1.

    The reason I ask this because the weblog is for a company that is doing all kind of events so there is some privacy needed.

    So how can I deny the access to read the logs for regular users?


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  • You can basically restrict access with a combination of “.htaccess” and “.htpasswd” files. See here for a demo.

    Tom Lany


    Hi, I am interested in this function as well.

    Currently I am using a method such as the one pizdin_dim suggests on my blog.

    I have also tried some plugins (such as this one). It works quite well in the sense that it keeps non-registered users out of your blog.

    The only problem with this involves registration. When users register in WordPress they are automatically sent a password immediately. This gives them instant blog access. You can also turn registration off, but then you have to add all users yourself, which can be a tedious task. Much work has been done on this already. See this support thread for that. Also, I have added this to the suggested site for new WordPress features. See that here. Feel free to vote on it/leave comments.

    I downloaded that plugin. I will check if it works in a couple of minutes. I want to add all the users myself…I think that I need to add a crew of 50 people to access this blog so that’s possible.

    Wich rights to I need to give them to only write and give comments? Contributor?

    Thanks for the help!

    You could also password protect all posts with the same password and give the ppl you want to access the blog that post.

    Its ok but the search engines can still see your posts.

    Depends on what level of security you think you need.

    Tom Lany



    There is a page on the codex which goes in to great detail about what each user level grants the defined user. You might want to view that page here to help you determine the access levels that you want to give each user. Click here for that.

    You can also try the post levels plugin ( ) — and restrict your posts by giving the user a level of access. When users register, they won’t have access until you manually set their level.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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