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  • This is a good theme and Spencer’s support is Excellent .

    I have a few more questions

    1) Consider a user X create a ticket on my ticketing site . And say the default status is ‘Customer reply ‘ for new tickets. it will turn into ‘Customer reply ‘ .

    Now me or an employ look at it and answers it .It turns into ‘answered ‘ status . Later the user follow ups with a reply or addition question . does it automatically turns into ‘Customer reply ‘? I checked it ,but currently I can only change the status manually

    2)Could you tell me the functionality of ” Assigned To: …” ?

    3)I will use add_action(‘wp_head’,’my_default_pages’); function for automated page creation in themes .But I don’t know how to assign template automatically to the page created while blog creation.

    4)Is there any way to set defaults for Quality Control Settings —>General Settings—>Basic settings for ticket management rather than setting manually ?

    Thanks !

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  • 1.) Right now you have to do it manually. If you are fluent in PHP and good with WordPress, you could probably work something out with hooks though.

    2.) Right now it only helps keep content hidden from people not assigned to the ticket (if you want). In the next update, it will be used for ticket notifications as well.

    3.) Not sure. I’ve never done something like that before.

    4.) You can use update_option() to update the ‘quality_options’ key with an array of default options.

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