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  • I like to choose how much of a post to show on the blog page, by using the <—– more —–> feature. But your theme is making my excerpts really, really short. How can I increase the length of the excerpt (or preferably, use the more button to choose exactly where I want the visible part of the post to end)?

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  • I too am looking for the answer to this. Moreover, how can I completely remove the excerpt/”read more” function so that each post is shown in its entirety (like one long scrolling blog page that goes through each post without having to click to “read more”)??

    i found this, but it appears get_excerpt is being deprecated.

    it’s served me well, but i don’t know of a new way to do this.

    to get the post to show in its entirety i changed the post type to image instead of standard. don’t know why but that worked for me. i didn’t try the other post types, other formats might have differing results (located to the right of the admin panel when you make a new post). as far as excerpt length i think that is located in the functions but i have not used that feature.

    i removed the ‘read more’ link by adding the following to the custom-css file.

    /* no more link */
    .more-link { display: none; }

    to edit css in the presswork theme make a custom-css.css file and add it to the uploads folder. add only your css changes there. that way the css won’t get overwritten when you update wordpress.

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