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  1. benvoide
    Posted 2 years ago #

    Greetings friends!
    I was reading a lot of documentation (mostly in English), and although I have an can't figured out how control access (allow visibility only to registered users) to an internal page plugin.

    Specifically I have the following structure:

    index.php -> This is the main plugin file. It is the page that you see on the menu and works properly respect for what I need ..
    -- process.php -> Page that process forms from index.php. Currently accessible simply knowing the URL.

    The idea is that process.php will accessible only for registered users.

    I read somewhere that using the conditional tag is_user_logged_in, you can achieve something of what I'm looking for, but I have trouble even include the pluggable.php file and in addition does not show me the php errors. Finally, a real problem.

    1 - How do you show content only for registered internal pages of a plugin users?
    2 - What is the correct way to include files? Can it be done through absolute URL?
    3 - How do you post errors in the above php pages?

    If someone could give me a clue at least one of the questions would be very happy. Regards and thanks in advance.

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