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  • Hello, I have some contributors on my blog and they are unable to upload images in their posts. Also they see a different editor than the one I see.

    How do you authorize contributor users to upload images and make sure they see the same editor you (the admin) see?


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  • You might want to read:

    Maybe you want a plugin like:
    There are several other plugins

    thanks that’s very helpful information… I read through it all and installed the plug in (thanks for the hint!) however I still can’t figure out how to allow uploads. I tried enabling “upload_files” and “unfiltered_uploads” for the Contributor role but both of those don’t result into allowing a Contributor to upload files… Contributors and myself (administrator) just seem to have a different WYSIWYG editor which doesn’t have the buttons to insert an image… any suggestions?

    Check the User accounts in WP-Admin and see if “Disable the visual editor when writing” is checked.
    Try deactivating plugins.
    Try the default theme.

    When you say the see a different editor. Do you mean they only get the HTML not the visual editor or an entirely different editor not native to WP? IF you log in as one of those users to you also see a different editor?

    “Disable the visual editor” is not checked.

    When I log in as the admin I see an editor with one row of buttons and above those is the “Upload/Insert” link on the left and the tabs “Visual” and “HTML” on the right.
    The first line of buttons starts with the “B” for bold button and ends with the “Insert Poll” button. No other line.

    When I log is as a contributor I see an editor with two rows of buttons. The first row is identical to the admin row then there is a second row which starts with a drop down for “format” and ends with a “Help” button. Above the two rows there is a “Visual” tab but there is no “html” tab and there is no Upload/Insert link.

    WHat it sounds like is they have the same editor but you need to click on the Kitchen Sink icon. It should be on the right-side of the icons

    Ok you are right, I see the second row of buttons in my admin account now.
    However I am trying to see the Upload/Insert link in the Contributor account.

    I downloaded the plugin you so kindly recommended, which is great, but it doesn’t let me enable image uploads. There is a way to add custom permissions to roles but I can’t find which one would be the one required to allow image uploads.

    I see you crossposts now in another forum. (That is against the rules btw) so will let you get an answer there.

    Actually I didn’t cross post. I posted in the plugin-specific section to ask a question about the plug in itself. My original question remains and the plugin is a different matter

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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