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  • bre


    I edit a collaborative blog at and I’ve just opened registration up and I’m looking for a way to have contributor’s posts need approval. What I’m looking for is a queue like comments that I could go through and edit the contributors work before it gets published. Is anyone working on a plugin that would do this? Is this functionality hidden somewhere and I just can’t figure it out? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks. -Bre

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  • moshu


    As far as I know a “contributor” (WP 2.0) can only submit drafts that have to be approved by an editor or admin.

    What I did when the new Role system came out: created a user (for myself) at every level and tested what they can do 🙂

    moshu: that’s indeed correct. However there’s no way for the contributor to mark their post as ready for admin approval, unless they manually toggle the status from “private” to “draft” (untested but may work).

    Such a feature would be excellent, so I don’t have to keep checking part-written posts 🙂

    I am looking for the same thing. If I only could get a notification when a draft was written, would already help too.
    I was actually thinking about creating a category authors could post in, but not let that category show up in the blog. But there is no way of doing this I guess. But, there is a plugin you can limit the categories for users to post in, which works great (Limit Categories). But that doesn’t solve my problem. The ‘pending’ category would still show up on the archives on the front of the website. Is there a way of avoiding that a particular category is listed in the archives. Some hack for wp_list_cats() maybe?

    Btw, if you want to avoid that a specific category shows up on the front, put this before have_posts():

    <?php query_posts(‘cat=-2’); ?>

    Where 2 would be the category that must not be used in the loop. Apparently it also hides the subcategories, which is great.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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