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  • I’ve just experienced what I think is a bug. I’m not using the very latest version (I think I’m one revision behind the current release), so this may have been fixed already. Anyway, here’s what happened:

    I have a Contributor-level user who had one unapproved post. They were only able to see that one post in the list of posts on the Edit Post page (this is as it should be, I believe). However, on deleting that post from the list (as it was no longer needed), suddenly, all the posts by all others users appeared (though they could only be viewed, not edited). On logging out, and back in again, all posts were still visible (though again, not editable).

    Anyone else come across this? I have a number of plugins installed, including the Magic Fields custom write panel plugin, which I know manipulates the posts list, so it could be to do with this. I can’t easily uninstall it to test, however. Anyone come across anything like this before?


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  • This is the expected behaviour, I believe. They can’t do anything with the posts.

    Hi mrmist,

    thanks for getting back to me.
    This seems odd to me. I’d have thought either all posts should be visible all the time, or only the users posts should ever be visible. Having a long list of other users posts appear suddenly, when previously only their own posts were visible is confusing, I think, irrespective of whether the posts are editable. So, it still seems more like a bug than a feature, to me. Hmm..


    I think what you are experiencing is a view context switch. When the contributor has a post, the default view for “posts” is the “mine” view. When the contributor has no posts, the default view for “posts” is the “all” view.

    Whether that is a bug or not is speculative, I suppose. It could be considering inconsistent UI.

    Not necessarily inconsistent, more confusing 😉


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