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contribution to this plugin (new version!)

  • Hello I need some extra features to this cool plugin, so I added them by myself.

    I would like to share them with you and possibly to help the development of this plugin.

    So the changelog for “my” version 0.11 is:
    – add “mixed” type mode for extra fees (fixed + percentage)
    – add “include shipping in extra charge computation” option
    – display extra fees also in cart totals
    – javascript real-time selection of extra chargers fields / options
    – better algorithm for computation

    I don’t know how to add the .php to this page, so you can download it from here: http://www.sendspace.com/file/i3h9ag

    Feel free to try it and please post your comment here.


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  • Hello belpha,

    Great contribution to this plugin as needed. Only one issue i am facing is that the total amount is correct but the row is missing from the tables. I would be very thankful if you solve this issue for me. Thanks in advance.

    Please find the details below for your reference..

    WordPress version : 3.5
    Woocommerce Version : 2.0.13
    Theme : http://demo.yithemes.com/bazar/

    Hello. the mixed type is definitely very welcome! Could you tell us is the issue mentioned by jayraaj is fixed?

    Hello belpha,

    Thank u for the contribution. Bill still my issue is persisting. The total amount is correct but the row is missing from the tables in bazar theme..

    Hello Jayraaj and Dekaru, I’m glad you find my contribution useful!

    I checked again and I found a mistake using PHP_ROUND_HALF_UP, as fix I used ‘ceil’ function. I made a quick test, now the row displays correctly, please try it out and let me know, thanks!

    v 0.12 http://www.sendspace.com/file/1yxl5x

    EDIT: I just noticed you’re talking about Bazar theme, I’m using CatchBox and I can see rows (the bug I fixed was on the value of the row).
    I never tried Bazar, this plugin uses standard hooks/actions from WooCommerce, maybe the Bazar overwrites them?

    Hello belpha!

    Thank you so much for the quick response!

    I noticed that the extra charges appear on my cart page before I’ve actually selected a payment method.

    Also, it seems that the plugin breaks the calculation auto-refresh on the initial checkout page: I select different payment gateways but the subtotal/shipping/fee/total doesn’t update. I’m using the discover theme, fwiw.

    You can see a demo at:


    Is there any way these issues can be fixed?

    I had a look to your website, actual pc is Win7, Firefox 23.0.1.

    1) added two items to chart (price 200 + 100)

    2) default payment type (price 200 + 100)

    3) MercadoPago type (price 200 + 100 + 6% = 312)

    4) going back to the chart (price 200 + 100 + 6% = 312)

    Are you sure that you’re running v 0.12?
    Cause at point 3 (with percentage) you should see a value of additional fees written in USD and not as xx%, also at point 4 you should get a line “additional fees” and value in USD.

    Do you get the same output?

    Here my shop, have a try: http://www.toxicindustries.net/?post_type=product

    Hello Fabrizio! Thank you very much for looking into this matter. I had actually deactivated type plugin version in favor of the original due to those issues I was having, however I have retired yours now so you can check it’s behavior 🙂

    About the “extra fees before payment method”, go to settings and check if your default payment type has “–select–” in Extra Charges Type field.

    About the failed refresh, you’re right, once selected a payment type it doesn’t refresh. To force it to refresh, I selected the new type of payment, changed “envio” type and get back to original “envio”.

    It seems the the JavaScript function I wrote doesn’t work properly with your theme (as you can see it works with CatchBox, I was lucky). To solve it quickly, it would be better to translate it in jQuery but I’m not so skilled, we must find a js guru that help us :/


    Re: extra fees before choosing payment method
    I actually didn’t have a default payment method set; once I set it the notice before choosing then showed the “MercadoPago” payment method even though my default payment method was set to electronic transfer.
    I tried setting electronic transfer (default method) both to “–select–” as well as fixed with 0, but no luck: the shopping cart still displays the “MercadoPago” non-default payment method.

    Re: failed refresh
    I see, it seems to work that way, although I have know noticed that the total sent to PayPal/MercadoPago does not reflect the updated fee (total+extra charge) at all! :O Seems like we’ve struck a wall

    The issue with Bazar theme still exist? I really need a solution

    @ Dekaru: try now, I made a couple of fix for display the fees correctly and add them to the gateway.

    About “mixed” charges, this is the algorithm (the one used by PayPal):

    NEW_TOTAL = (TOTAL + fixed) / (1 – percentage)

    Note that NEW_TOTAL is always rounded up to next cent, exemples:
    0,999 -> 1,00 || 1,000 -> 1,00 || 1,001 -> 1,01

    @ all: added a new jQuery function that should force update of chart fees after selecting the payment method, I can’t test it with Bazar. Let me know!

    V 0.12 beta: http://www.sendspace.com/file/vr0hd5

    I try v0.12 beta with Bazar ver 1.8.0 and it works if you select one page checkout. If I select the multistep checkout the fee is not updated.

    The auto-refresh option on the checkout page when changing payment methods now works, thanks! It also now sends the total amount, along with specifics, to the payment gateway (PayPal).

    However I still see the extra fee on the shopping cart page *before* actually setting any payment gateway


    I can see how this could be useful at some point, but right now it seems more like a bug rather than a feature. Is there something that can be done about it?


    Try to clean your browser history (or use another browser / computer), I’m sure the information about (last) payment method is stored into browser’s cache.

    You were absolutely right: the payment fees on the cart page reflect the payment method chosen on the checkout page. If I have two tabs open, changing the payment method reflects on the extra fees shown on the shopping cart page. I guess it sounds logical.

    Thank you ! You’ve been very helpful! You should definitely create a pull request in github so that mRova adds your functionality to this plugin 🙂

    Do you have a donate button anywhere? 🙂

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