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  • Hello forum go-oers!

    We are currently starting up a contribution-driven website where writers of all abilities, and on all topics, can showcase their work.

    We want to give experienced and new British bloggers/online writers a open platform to showcase works to a hopefully increasing number of visitors. In which they can reach out to more people, gain more recognition and generate more hits for their own personal blog; as well as being able to search through a range of topics to find and follow other writers that they enjoy.

    We also want to encourage people without previous experience to write without being worried about their writing ability. We want to showcase works from ‘real people’ from different walks of life to represent all corners of Britain.

    What we are asking for are contributions, it can be a fresh article or one already on your blog. We will give you full credit and a link to your blog at the end for people to find you. If not, please tell anybody who you think would be interested about us, and generally support the site!

    All criticism is welcome. The website is being set up by recent graduates with the last of their minute bank accounts and aren’t looking to make money from the site. The idea came from the trouble we and other friends had getting our websites seen. So be kind! But do help us out by pointing out current and future problems in order to help us improve the site.

    The website is, please visit to find out more. Please not this is just a test site to get the message out.

    Thank you for you time and interested in receiving feedback.

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  • A couple of thoughts:

    I like the clean design but I don’t think the typefaces work. The headline font is too heavy and old-fashioned. The body type is a bit staid. I would avoid italics in the header navigation bar. I don’t like the hover-over yellow.

    The purple flashes behind links are too dark. They obscure the text behind them.

    Change the URL settings so URLs are created from the titles of posts. Go to Settings > Permalinks, tick “Custom Structure” and besite it enter the following:

    hope that helps.

    [link removed]

    I agree with @markhodson on the hover-over yellow. I think changing the permalinks is a good idea as well. The site has a good concept with lots of potential. I also noticed that the social media links at the top right-hand corner are not linked to your facebook, twitter, or RSS feeds. The purple link colors are a tad-bit dark and if you want to keep the color you might want to lighten the color of purple to make it easier to read.

    Also, (just a thought you might want to consider) you can add the Contact Form 7 plugin ( and setup a page on the site where you can have people submit their article directly to you (via e-mail). I have used it before and it works well but you have to play around with it a little to get the hang of it. Here is a page I helped setup with Contact Form 7 (

    Site looks good and great concept. I hope you are successful and things take off. 🙂

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